According to Change Your Brain, Change Your Body by Dr. Amen, there are specific things that can either enhance your will-power or deplete your resolve.


Will Power Boosters

Brain health

Focusing on brain protection

Adequate sleep

Frequent small meals with at least some protein to maintain healthy blood sugar

Enriched diet

Freedom from alcohol

Clearly focused, written goals

Journaling when sad or anxious

Meditation for relaxation and to boost 2the PFC

Killing the ANTs (automatic negative thoughts)

Gratitude practice

Practicing willpower

Being careful with too much pleasure or too much technology

Finding natural sources of pleasure

Engaging in meaningful activities

Social support

Effectively treating any brain problems


Understanding emotional triggers

Decreasing cravings with B6,magnesium and NAC

Boosting dopamine (L-tyrosine, DL-phenylalanine, SAMe)

Boosting serotoning (5-HTP, L-tyrptophan, inositol, St. John’s wort)

Boosting GABA (GABA, glycine, L-theanine)

Boosting endorphins (exercise,acupuncture, hypnosis)

Will Power Robbers

Any brain problems

Brain trauma

Poor sleep

Low blood sugar

Poor diet



Some form of depression


Negative Thinking

Focusing on problems and fears

Bad habits (giving in)

Too much pleasure

Artificial forms of pleasure

Negative or meaning less behaviors

Social isolation

Being in denial about problems

Lack of exercise

Denial of feelings



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