Why and how getting happier is easier than you think

After 5 years as a professional coach and nearly 10 years of research into personal development, I have found many fascinating similarities amongst people. One observation is that people often think increasing their happiness should require lots of energy and effort. It can’t be as simple as expressing gratitude.

Every month I deliver at least 2 positive psychology seminars, tomorrow I’m giving a seminar on The Science of Gratitude. Thus far, we have about 5 people registered. I know that more people will join us and I’m not stressing the numbers, I’m actually finding it reflecting the paradox of our thoughts. When I offer workshops on decision making, stress and overwhelm, we get dozens of people. My last speaking engagement on guilt and worry packed a small room with over 100 participants.

It seems like many people want to get rid of the challenges and obstacles in their life, but may feel that they have the whole “grateful thing” down pact. Now, I’m not saying that they might not, however, I’ve found that many of my coaching clients find that they can think of lots of things to be grateful for, but they don’t necessarily feel the gratitude.

I think people gratitude for granted. Maybe it’s too simple. It’s something your grandma would have wanted you to do… surely you need Prozac, not a little thanks… or do you?

Gratitude is one of the most powerful positive emotions. Studies show that expressing gratitude increased positive emotion and decreased depression symptoms. People reported having more energy, better sleep, alertness, enthusiasm, determination, feeling of being connected, optimistic. People who expressed gratitude were more likely to take better preventative care of themselves and meet their goals.

But this is only part of the story. Experience gratitude creates physiological changes in your body and shifts your biology. In tomorrow night’s workshop we are exploring not just what gratitude is, but how it works.

You’ll learn how to instantly shift from a negative or neutral emotional state into a positive one with the power of gratitude? You’ll learn simple and highly complex gratitude practices. You’ll learn how gratitude works in your body, mind and spirit. I’ve found that when my clients learn the mechanisms behind gratitude, how it works not just that it works, they are more likely to express gratitude regularly.

Want to join us? Click here for details. Can’t make it live? No worries, click here to preorder the recording at a discounted rate (use the code: ___ for __ off)

How much gratitude do you feel right now?

Here are 2 gratitude enhancers:

1) Write about 3 good things that happened to you and how you contributed to that good thing happening.

(Note: In research studies of this very exercise participants significantly increased their happiness level and decreased their rate of depression. Those effects held true 6 months later, particularly for people who valued the exercise and continued to do it.)

Think you have that down? Try what Abraham Hicks calls “A Rampage of Appreciation”.

2) List and feel as many things as you can, big and small that you’re grateful for 5 minutes straight or until you feel so full with the emotion it spews out of your chest. It’s harder than you think, but can completely energize your mind, your perspective and even your immune system.

Let me know how these practices go for you.

I’m grateful to have come across these tools. Understanding and practicing gratitude healed me from a life of bulimia and scarcity. Helped my transform my relationship with my mother and her slow death from Ovarian Cancer. And enables me to manifest new and profound things in my life every day.

I’m grateful that I get to share some of these Positive Psychology tools with you at the New York Open Center in NYC tomorrow at 7pm (the Science of Gratitude workshop), a venue that I spent many years visualizing myself speaking at and expressing future gratitude for the opportunity.


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